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The current financial marketplace demands data transparency, security and accuracy. Our team of highly skilled industry professionals and advanced process technology delivers trusted back and middle-office services to clients worldwide.

Cortland Businesses
Cortland is providing our clients unparalleled financial market expertise & relationship service in each of the following businesses:

Fund Administration
Syndicated Loan Services
Business Loan Servicing
Cash Mgmt, Custody & Escrow
Securitization Services
Cortland Markets
Cortland professionals are serving our clients in the following markets applying decades of experience to each relationship:

Syndicated Bank Loans | SBA
| Real EstateEquities
& Futures
|Structured Finance
| Commodities | Distressed |
Derivatives & TRS more
Cortland Customers
Cortland is supporting the following client-types as fund administrator, servicer, or collateral administrator:

Credit Funds | PE & Real
Estate Funds
| Hedge Funds
| Mutual Funds | CTAs/CPOs
| Commercial Lenders | CLO
| CMBS Originators |
Banks/Credit Unions more

Additional information from Cortland:

Mutual Fund Series Trust
FCA Authorised & Regulated 
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