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Chicago, 17 March 2020




As you are aware, the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a fluid and quickly evolving situation.  While Alter Domus is prepared and operating at full strength, we now know with the expansion of cases and directives of authorities worldwide this situation will be with us for an extended period of time. We are following developments related to the spread of the virus very closely, and our priority remains the safety of our employees, clients, and the communities we all live and work in. We know many of our clients and the investors and market intermediaries we connect to will be working remote.  Our offices and teams are well matrixed and distributed worldwide, and our business toolset of applications and processes are top-tier, redundant, and accessible wherever our team and clients connect from – be it the office or home


What we have done


On 4th March 2020, we took preventative measures on a global basis to cancel and restrict all non-essential international business travel. From 16th March 2020, we are implementing a travel restriction between all Alter Domus offices, even if they are located within the same country. We have imposed a 14-day, home-working quarantine on persons who have visited any high-risk areas, and we are fully prepared in all other regions should it become necessary to initiate BCP measures there. Face-to-face meetings have been cancelled or postponed wherever possible, and we are actively using remote meeting technology to service our clients.


Our staff is equipped for home working, and we are rolling out initiatives around the world to limit the number of staff coming to the office to keep the chance of infection to a minimum. We operate an informative web page dedicated to Business Continuity for our staff, where they can find out about current BCP issues 24-hours a day. The safety of our employees and clients and the continuity of our business operations remain our priorities.


What we are prepared for


We are of course also following the directives issued by individual governments around the world regarding the virus outbreak and the need for containment. As of 16th March, all of our US offices are closed, and our staff are working from home.

It must be anticipated that other national restrictions will be imposed in the coming days and weeks as the pandemic reaches its peak. We are confident that our processes are robust and effective, and we are not anticipating any disruption to our services, though we do anticipate extension of some timelines around deliverables, which if necessary will be communicated with you directly.


Alter Domus is here for you, and we are well positioned to help.

If you would like further information regarding our BCP measures, please feel free to contact Markita Bonner, Regional Business Continuity Manager (Markita.Bonner@cortlandglobal.com, +1 312 300 4732) or Gianni Ragni, Head of Group Business Continuity Planning (Gianni.Ragni@alterdomus.com, +352 48 18 28 3160).



Doug Hart,

Chief Executive Officer, Alter Domus